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Engage Technical Solutions is an independent technical consultancy providing expert advice and support to solve complex defence and energy sector projects in areas including Information Systems and Services, Engineering Management, and Project, Programme and Portfolio Management.

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Who are we?

Our consultancy specialises in project management, engineering operations, and information systems and services. With a focus on resilience and delivering project-critical outcomes, we provide independent technical consultancy that has earned us an outstanding reputation for our exceptional work.

Why be a part of Engage?

We want to attract and recruit the best possible candidates. Having built such a strong team over the years, we want to ensure that your employment is secure and, now that employees have a stake in the business, everything you achieve will positively impact the business and you personally.

Where can you join?

Join our dynamic team where drive and energy are celebrated and our values are core to everything we do.  We’re looking for talented people who possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and a passion for creative problem-solving. Be part of a team that takes pride in delivering outstanding results—an opportunity to contribute to something amazing awaits you.

What we do

Engineering Management

Maintaining capability and delivering dependable, cost-effective engineering support solutions for your products.

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Information Systems and Services

Engage is one of the leading independent technical consultancies in the field of Information Systems and Services.

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Portfolio, Programme &  Project Management

Drawing on decades of experience in supporting projects within aerospace, defence and commercial environments.

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Our Clients

"I particularly appreciated the way the Engage Team Lead worked alongside and with my management team to sensitively overcome some cultural barriers to change."

Training Delivery Manager, Babcock International


Karina Pearce

Karina initially worked at Engage as a consultant and was promoted to Operations Director in January 2022 and appointed Managing Director in January 2024.


John Foster

John served as a REME Officer in the British Army for over 19 years qualifying as an aircraft engineer and logistic staff officer, deploying on operational tours to the Balkans, Middle East and Northern Ireland.


Natalie Wood

During her career with Engage, Natalie has developed, maintained and improved the financial processes to successfully leads the running of the Accounts Department. Natalie’s keen eye for detail and excellent financial expertise allows her to maintain control over all aspects of the company’s finances.

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