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We're on the lookout for exceptional individuals, but we understand they're a rare find. If you believe you have the skills to be part of the Engage team, reach out. As well as a suitable background, we require you to demonstrate an attitude and ambition that aligns with ours. We seek those who view joining us as the beginning of a new professional chapter. Expect high standards from us, and anticipate substantial support in return.

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Unlock Your Future with our Career Hub

The hub serves as a comprehensive resource, connecting our candidates and service leavers with opportunities, industry insights, and career development tools. With user-friendly navigation and curated content, we aim to revolutionise how individuals approach their career aspirations. 

We invite all professionals, from entry-level to seasoned experts, to explore this dynamic platform and take charge of their career trajectories.

Recognised in the Sunday Times Best Places to Work 2024 : Medium Organisation

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Our Hiring Process

 We are dedicated to finding the right individuals to join our team.  We recruit consultants from varied backgrounds, who can bring a wealth of experience and perspectives to the table. We spend time during the interview process to get to know candidates, review their skillsets, and understand their intended career paths and aspirations.  We want to work with people who have a great attitude towards their work and who align with our core values. If you are passionate about making a difference and thrive in a dynamic environment, we invite you to join our team.

Our greatest asset is you

We invest in quality consultants through continuous training, support, and interaction, ensuring they reach their full potential. Our like-minded team shares essential skills and experience, regardless of background. We avoid the common approach of viewing consultants as interchangeable components and promise to elevate our people.

Electric Car Scheme

In partnership with, this scheme helps to halve the monthly cost of a new electric vehicle. Net emission, affordability and climate changed!

Health insurance WPA

Cash Plan Benefits (LEVEL 1), we offer to our employees to enrol into. This is a platform to enable you to claim cash back on health care expenses such as dental, optical and medication prescriptions etc.

Employee Assistance Programme

This tool helps to promote and facilitate wellbeing of employees. It also helps to minimise the impact of work related or personal issues on employee’s ability to function effectively at work.

Death in service insurance

Death in service insurance cover – also known as group life assurance – is a type of life insurance. It pays out a tax-free sum of money to your employee’s chosen beneficiaries when they are no more.

Employee owned

One of the key attributes of an EOT is that every employee benefits from the profitability of the company. The level depends on the profits Engage makes, and is paid yearly through payroll.

Our Core Values


Doing and saying the thing is not always easy


Doing things properly and setting the right example

Respect for Others

Treat others as you expect to be treated


Being honest with yourself and your colleagues


Support the team

Selfless Commitment

Being willing to go above and beyond

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