Information Systems
and Services

What are Information Systems and Services?

Engage has over a decade of experience in information systems and data analytics. Our expert teams have broad experience from across Defence and industry to bring innovative thinking and knowledge to exceed client needs. We have applied our expertise to support legacy services, integrate old and new, and leverage disparate data sets to provide coherent management information that enables efficient and effective decisions. We also provide service delivery and contract management to ensure clients obtain maximum benefit from their suppliers.

Skills our team have

The broad range of client needs that we support mean that we have a team with deep expertise across multiple disciplines. Our primary skill areas centre on architecture, data analytics and service delivery management. We support clients across the information system lifecycle from development and procurement through to live services, optimisation and finally transition to new services. The broad range of skills we offer include:

  • Enterprise and Business Architecture
  • Data Architecture
  • Information Assurance
  • Data cleanse and analytics
  • Service Delivery Management (ITIL)
  • Service Level Management
  • Technical Service Support
  • Knowledge Management
  • Risk Management
  • Benefit Management

How we deliver

Our model is to deliver capability as part of a diverse team of technical specialists in close collaboration with clients. Our focus is to fully understand client needs and integrate fully into a single team. Our people have a real commitment to Delivery with Excellence and a passion for creating value for our clients.  Whatever the setting or task, we always want to be personally connected to what’s going on and will build, or reinforce, a culture of action and engagement. When you work with Engage you get a motivated team of technical experts backed up by the whole organisation with reach back to a vast range of expertise and knowledge.  Your success is our success. Recent tasks include:

  • Data analysis and cleansing  
  • Developing and applying data quality rules to improve data quality
  • Preparing data sets for legacy data transition and exploitation
  • Procurement support for tri-service logistics services
  • Reviewing Material Flow Architecture
  • Support to future Log IS CONEMP, CONUSE and CONOPS


Phil Croager

With a wealth of experience in IS delivery across various government departments. He has led multi-disciplinary teams delivering global secure network solutions, critical national infrastructure for the Home Office, cloud-based ERP services and E2E services from data centres to users.


Defence Equipment Engineering and Asset Management Systems (DEEAMS)
D4I (Data for Industry).


Lead IS&S functional development
Manage complex system relationships and dependencies
Senior stakeholder management


Naomi Wakelin

Is a highly motivated versatile senior manager who previously completed a successful career in the British Army. With leadership skills honed and tested in the most demanding of corporate and operational environments, she is experienced in integrating public and private sectors to deliver operational, technical, and financial benefits. Naomi has led organisational learning; global supply and logistics management; and the acquisition/ delivery of logistic information systems and technical capability.


Development of a Data Quality Assessment Tool to inform the future Defence Support data quality service.
Support data exchange with Industry (SpDXI)


Leadership/ management
Stakeholder growth and management
Data governance development
Data analysis


James Clark

An expert in the management of Data Migration. A team player, individually motivated, able to work in isolation, extremely thorough and meticulous in all outputs. Delivery focused, with a proven track record in ensuring projects are delivered to time and cost, regardless of complexity. Projects: 2 key defence Log IS projects in the base and deployed space.


Base Warehouse Inventory Management System (BWIMS) transformation programme.


Programme lead ensuring that contract deliverables are achieved.
Data lead for data optimisation.
Technical and business support to wider Defence Log IS portfolio

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