Elevating Excellence: Unveiling Our Visionary Managing Director!

April 18, 2024

After the official announcement by Engage Technical Solutions founder David Gagen announcing that he is stepping down from his role as Managing Director, here at Engage we are pleased to announce that the new Managing Director is none other than our current Operations Director Karina Pearce. Karina has been with Engage since its inception and has been running the Operations department for the last 2 years, alongside the rapid development, change and growth that has seen Employee numbers double in size since taking on this role. We look forward to celebrating this well-deserved promotion tonight at the Engage Christmas Party, ahead of winding down from what has been a very busy year for the company. Finally, a special thank you to David Gagen who started this company back in 2011 and it would be nowhere near what it is today without his drive and determination. I hope he enjoys stepping back and finally getting to enjoy the fruits of his labour over the last 12 years.

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